Our Why

A Shelf maker's family

This is our Why

We wanted less time sitting in traffic, staring at computers, and not being in charge of our lives.  We needed more family, and more time. And, most importantly, more time FOR family.  We started on this crazy journey at the beginning of 2020.  We know, talk about a GREAT time to start a business, right?  Now, we've sold, created, and shipped over 1,000 shelves with the main intention of delivering a quality product, and an even better customer experience.  While we love getting reviews referencing our craftsmanship, we're even more proud when our clients talk about the EXPERIENCE of buying from Shelf Expression.  We hope the care we take in your customer journey, all the way from answering pre-purchase questions, through final delivery, is readily apparent.

Meet the Team:

That's Ben, our main woodworker, Christen, our fabulous photographer and marketing brain, Magnolia, our scrap wood inspector, and Max, our bubble wrap bubble tester.

Our First Floating Shelves

We created our first floating shelf for our house, and after DIY'ing it, we thought that if there was a market for them, we could surely make 10-20 a month to help pay some bills.  These were the first floating shelf prototypes we made to 'proof-of-concept' our idea.  We knew that if we could keep our quality high, and create an assembly line-like system, we could make this dream become a reality, as long as they sold...

"What happened to our garage?" - Christen
"It's the woodshop now" - Ben

And boy, did they! Thankfully, Our garage isn't as messy as that anymore, but our shelf rack is continually full of orders being cut to size, sanded, stained, top coated and sent out.  When you order from us, know that your shelf will be part of a small  batch. There's no mass production or import team.  Just the 4 of us in a 2-car garage, working to put out exceptional product.