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Edge Grain Artisan Cherry Cutting Boards - Upcycled Premium Shelf Scraps, Modern Design with Rubber Fee

Edge Grain Artisan Cherry Cutting Boards - Upcycled Premium Shelf Scraps, Modern Design with Rubber Fee

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Eco-Chic Artisan Cutting Boards: A Perfect Match for Your Luxury Shelves

Embrace the art of sustainable luxury with our exclusive range of artisan cutting boards, crafted meticulously from the finest scraps of hardwoods used in our high-end floating shelves. Each cutting board is a testament to our commitment to reducing waste, while offering you a touch of elegance that complements your kitchen's aesthetic.

Dimensions to Suit Every Need:

Large: 22" x 14" x 1.5"
Medium: 18" x 12" x 1.5"
Small: 16" x 10" x 1.5"

Unique Dimensions:
Please note that due to the unique nature of using shelf scraps, the dimensions of our cutting boards may fluctuate by up to 0.25 inches. This variance ensures that we utilize every piece of wood efficiently while adhering to our strict quality control standards.

Craftsmanship Meets Sustainability:
Our cutting boards are fashioned using edge grain boards, skillfully glued together to form a sturdy, enduring surface. This process not only ensures a high-quality product but also contributes to an eco-friendlier approach by utilizing every piece of precious hardwood.

Finishing with Care:
Each board is hand-finished with food-safe mineral oil, enhancing the wood's natural beauty and ensuring a long-lasting, hygienic surface for your culinary creations.

Modern Design Elements:
The cutting boards are designed with chamfered edges, adding a sleek, modern touch to their appearance. This feature not only enhances the aesthetic but also provides a comfortable grip.

Sturdy and Safe:
To ensure stability and safety during use, each board is equipped with rubber feet. These feet prevent slipping, making your cutting experience secure and enjoyable.

Matching Elegance:
Imagine a kitchen where your cutting board seamlessly matches your luxurious shelves. Our cutting boards offer this unique opportunity - a harmonious blend of function and style, elevating your kitchen's charm.

Join Us in Our Journey:
By choosing our cutting boards, you're not just adding a piece of art to your kitchen; you're also supporting sustainable practices and waste reduction in luxury craftsmanship.

Enhance your culinary experience with a piece that tells a story of beauty, sustainability, and unmatched quality.


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