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Custom Solid Wood Floating Shelves


Beautiful, hand crafted custom wood floating shelves constructed from solid 1.25" x 8" locally sourced PINE* wood. These floating shelves are the perfect compliment to complete your farmhouse shelving look. These rustic floating shelves utilize a hidden wooden bracket created from the shelf and are attached to the wall without expensive mounting hardware supporting your open shelving.

*As these are created using yellow southern pine wood, naturally occurring imperfections will be apparent. This includes knots, uneven grain patterns, etc. We personally believe that this adds character to the shelves, but understand it may not fit the aesthetic you're looking for. Please keep this in mind as you are making your purchase.*

We love our custom shelves, but aren't able to install them for you. But no sweat! All you'll need for successful installation are a: stud finder, pencil, 1/16" drill bit, Phillips head drive bit, and a level. We supply the mounting hardware and detailed instructions.

These custom shelves are created by utilizing a wood bracket that is created from the shelf. Your shelf will be supported by 1/2" wooden dowel rods drilled through the bracket. If you need these shelves to fit an exact location, please indicate in the 'Personalization' box above where your studs will be located along the shelf. This way, I will make note to not drill the dowel rods in these locations. We strongly suggest that 2 wall studs are used when installing your open shelving. If you need to install using a dry wall anchor, we recommend an anchor rated for at least 50 pounds. These shelves will hold roughly 20 pounds per installed stud without sagging.

We also go through a multi-step process when applying your chosen wood stain but wood is a very unpredictable medium and staining intensity can vary from piece to piece, depending on wood grain, surface conditions, and other factors. Every effort will be made to match the stain to the advertised color, but we can not guarantee an exact match.

We source our wood from local shops that have relationships with Charlotte area arborists. This means that our wood comes from trees that have been removed from someone's property at their request. We're thankful that we're able to take these fallen trees and ensure their beauty lives on in our creations. This also means that we use a variety of wood types, and also means the thickness and width will inevitably vary from order to order by no more than 1/4".

We are happy to offer free shipping within the United States to all orders over $35. Additionally, we offer a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee for the first 30 days. If you aren't happy with the shelves, send them back to us (at our expense), and we'll either try to fix it for you, or refund you your full amount.

If you'd like a depth or length not listed, please notate that on the 'Notes' section on your shopping cart page.  Add the length & stain to your cart that is closest to your needed dimensions.  Then, click on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the page.  On that screen, you can add the desired depth and length needed.  Please keep in mind that these can be made in any depth between 4" and 8.5", and any length between 12" and 48".  

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