Solid maple floating shelf - heavy duty
Solid maple floating shelf - heavy duty
Shelf Expression Maple Floating Shelf With Heavy Duty Hidden Hovr Bracket
Solid maple floating shelf - heavy duty
Shelf Expression Maple Floating Shelf With Heavy Duty Hidden Hovr Bracket

Shelf Expression Maple Floating Shelf With Heavy Duty Hidden Hovr Bracket

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These absolutely gorgeous shelves are made out of solid maple wood and can be customized in lengths between 20" and 58", and in depths between 8" and 12". The edges will be clean finished, and will be smooth. Cracks and knots will be limited and will be filled with a brown epoxy, which will provide a polished look.


The included Hovr Bracket system is a patented revolutionary design that is able to hold up to 300 pounds on an 8" deep shelf. This weight limit and new design will completely reshape the floating shelf industry. Typical floating shelves are supported by a metal bracket that has 'prongs' that you slide the shelf onto. Over time, this design has a tendency to sag. The bracket we use is made from aluminum and and is designed to emulate a French cleat, which is a time-proven design created to hang heavy items on walls. For more information on the included Hovr bracket, visit their website at


These shelves will be finished using a urethane top coat designed to bring out the wood grain, without covering the natural beauty of the wood. If you'd like these unfinished, please let us know in the personalization box. They'll be sanded to 220 grit, and will provide you with the perfect canvas to add your artistic touch.


Installing these is extremely simple. We supply the mounting hardware and detailed instructions. All you need are these tools:
○ Power Drill
○ Stud Finder (We strongly suggest that 2 wall studs are used when installing your open shelving)
○ Pencil
○ Philips head drive bit
○ Level


-If you need to install using a dry wall anchor, we recommend an anchor rated for at least 50 pounds. It is important to note that if you are not able to install onto studs, using a dry wall anchor will dramatically reduce the weight capacity.

-For depths between 9"-12", your shelf will be made from gluing 2 boards together. This is done because over time, wider wood has a tendency to cup. Gluing 2 boards together helps eliminate cupping. There will not be a noticeable seem, but you may notice some slight grain differences between the 2 boards.

If you need something more customized feel free to send us a message, we love to chat!

On Instagram and interested in real time pictures of your order being made? Add your Instagram handle in the personalization box when you place your order and we'll tag you in pictures of your exact shelves during the production process.

- Our handmade floating shelves are created from sustainably sourced wood.  They'll look beautiful, and will have a clean edge finish.

- Our shelves are extremely easy to install.  You're not limited to pre-drilled hole locations the metal brackets use.  That means you can install these almost ANYWHERE.

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