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Finished Wood Shelves & The Finishes We Use

We use a variety of finishes depending on what wood type you select.  Of course, we also like to keep things naked as well, if it isn't too cold inside.  We mean, err, we like sometimes keep the wood unfinished if the situation permits.  Take a look at our wood finish samples page if you're not sure which wood and finish you want to go with.

Take a look at our finish options below to learn more about our finishing process.  Also take a look at our wood options, and bracket options, as well.

Need More Direction For Your Wooden Shelving Decisions?Finally, still unsure on where to go with your shelves? Take a look at our shelf design guide, as well as a whole slew of other design topics we cover in our blog, 'From The Top Shelf'.

unfinished stain options


We obviously love working with wood.  The color, the grain, its luster, etc.  Our favorite part of the process is when we apply that first coat of finish on the wood.  The finish REALLY brings out all of the amazing characteristics of the wood we're working with. 

We also really love wood in the raw.  Unfinished wood just screams 'natural' to us.  And we know that some home decor makes it necessary for wood to come in its purest form, naked.

When you order an unfinished shelf from us, we'll send it to you sanded to 220 grit.  It'll be ready for whatever you want to do with it next.  Whether that's installing it on your wall, as-is, or applying your own form of stain and finish to it. 

One thing to keep in mind is that unfinished wood can tend to warp and crack sooner than it would if it were finished.  So we do advise keeping unfinished shelves away from places of high moisture and high traffic areas.

Hardwood shelf finish options

Oil Based Finish

We offer an oil based finish for all four of our hardwood shelves.  Cherry, walnut, white oak, and maple REALLY shine once the top coat is applied.  We use a product called Arm-R-Seal by General Finishes.  This top coat is commonly referred to as the do-it-all finish amongst woodworkers.  It's use ranges from high-end furniture builders, to home DIYers.

When you purchase a heavy duty floating shelf from us, we go through a 4 step finishing process prior to sending to you.  We first sand each shelf to 180 grit.  We then apply four coats of Arm-R-Seal to your shelf with a light sanding using 400 grit sand paper in between each coat.  This ensures us that the shelf you receive is GLASS SMOOTH when you receive it.

Why four coats, you may ask?  Because other shelf makers do one coat with a spray gun.  So we thought we'd up the ante a bit by 400% and give you the bespoke look you're looking for.

The VERY last step prior to your shelf going into it s shipping box is a very light sanding with 400 grit sandpaper.  We then apply a liberal amount of beeswax polish to your shelf, ensuring it arrives in good condition, with the wood grain nice and moisturized.  

Some may say this is overkill, but we think you're worth it.

Stained And Finished

We offer stained options for two wood species; pine and white oak.  While we use the same stains for both types of woods, they stain very differently due to their own unique grain. 

After we apply the stain to our white oak and pine shelves, we apply a water based polycrylic using a spray gun.  This ensures an ultra-smooth finish. 

Lastly, as we are packing your shelves up, we'll sand the top coat to a final grit of 400, and then apply a beeswax polish.  This ensures the shelf arrives to you well nourished and with a glass like finish.

White Oak

Out of all of the hardwoods domestic to the US, oak is one of the best woods to accept stain.  Its wide and open grain makes stain application extremely even and leaves virtually zero blotchiness.  This is the only hardwood we offer stain options with and can accommodate other stain requests if you have a stain in mind that we don't offer.  

Shop our white oak floating shelves.


Our pine shelves take stain really well.  Typical stain on pine wood leaves a blotchy appearance.  We use an oil based gel stain that instead coats the wood more like a paint.  This leaves an even stain with the wood grain still visible.

Shop our pine shelves.

Still unsure on where to go with your shelves? Take a look at our shelf design guide, as well as a whole slew of other design topics we cover in our blog, 'From The Top Shelf'.