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From The Top Shelf

'From The Top Shelf' is your go-to destination for everything related to floating shelves. Through our comprehensive blog posts, we delve into the world of styling, designing, and optimizing the use of floating shelves in any space. Our expert tips and creative ideas aim to inspire homeowners and designers alike to transform their walls into functional art. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or seeking professional design insights, our blog serves as a rich resource for making the most of your vertical spaces.

  • Cool Ideas For Coffee Bar Floating Shelves

    Cool Ideas For Coffee Bar Floating Shelves

    If you're a coffee lover (read coffee nut) - or even someone who appreciatessharing an invigorating, satisfying cup of coffee when you host friends and familyget-togethers at your home -...

    Ben Kuhl

  • Attractive Floating Shelves Above Desk Ideas

    Attractive Floating Shelves Above Desk Ideas

    Floating shelves are a popular storage solution due to their versatility andstylish nature. These fixtures make a room seem more significant by occupyingspace on the wall.

    Ben Kuhl

  • floating shelves above counter

    Designing A Perfect Space With Floating Shelves

    Maximize style and functionality with floating shelves! Our blog unveils unique ideas for art displays, efficient use of space, and distinctive design elements. Learn how to transform any area, from...

    Ben Kuhl

  • The Best Floating Shelf Ideas For A Perfect Bedroom

    The Best Floating Shelf Ideas For A Perfect Bedroom

    Transform your bedroom with innovative floating shelf ideas. Discover tips for selection, installation, and styling to showcase collections, optimize space, and enhance decor. Elevate your bedroom's functionality and style with...

    Ben Kuhl

  • White Floating Shelves: Fresh Decorating Ideas

    White Floating Shelves: Fresh Decorating Ideas

    Bright Ideas: Decorating with White Floating Shelves for a Fresh Look In the world of interior design, white floating shelves stand as a testament to elegance and versatility. These shelves,...

    Ben Kuhl

  • walnut kitchen floating shelves

    12 Reasons Why Kitchen Floating Shelves Are A Must Have

    Discover why floating shelves are a kitchen must-have: versatile display, easy access, and seamless style. Our blog highlights 12 key benefits, including seasonal decor flexibility, guest convenience, and enhanced organization....

    Ben Kuhl

  • white floating shelf

    How To Install Floating Shelves

    Discover the ultimate guide to installing floating shelves with ease. Our step-by-step blog post walks you through the entire process, from selecting the right tools to the finishing touches. Learn...

    Ben Kuhl

  • Floating Shelf Depth Guide

    Floating Shelf Depth Guide

    Explore Shelf Expression's Floating Shelf Depth Guide: Maximize space and style in any room. Get expert tips on choosing the perfect shelf depth for functionality and aesthetics. Ideal for homeowners...

    Ben Kuhl

  • Home Organization - Floating Shelves - Knick Knacks

    Home Organization Ideas From Big To Small

    Are you tired of clutter? Does all your stuff seem to have a life of its own? We've compiled a lot of great ideas for getting everything super organized (or...

    Ben Kuhl

  • Floating Shelves For Towels

    Installing Floating Shelves For Towels

    Floating shelves are great for storing towels and other items on top of cabinets or dressers. They're also perfect for organizing small spaces like bathrooms and closets.

    Ben Kuhl

  • Floating Shelves

    Great Ideas For Floating Pantry Shelves

    Floating shelves are great for organizing your kitchen. They are also an attractive addition to your kitchen decor. Read on to discover more about floating shelves for your pantry!

    Ben Kuhl

  • Bathroom Floating Shelf Ideas

    A Multitude of Bathroom Floating Shelf Ideas

    If there is one thing every bathroom needs, it’s somewhere to store everything. While there are a million ways to do just that, floating shelves are obviously one of our...

    Ben Kuhl

  • Pine floating shelves

    Designing Your Shelves To Fit Your Home

    Designing your floating shelves to fit your home can seem like a daunting task. Guess what? It doesn't have to be! Let us walk you through some design elements to...

    Ben Kuhl