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The Floating Shelf Brackets We Use

We use 4 different types of brackets at Shelf Expression.  Whether you're looking for something heavy duty to store your pots and pans on, or something that fits your steam punk motif, we have the bracket for you!  Please read carefully, though, as not all brackets are available to be used for all woods.

Selecting your floating shelf bracket is the 1st step in your shelf building process.  For the 2nd step, visit our wood description page.  And for the last step, visit our finish selection page.

Heavy Duty Hidden Hovr Brackets 

The Hovr Bracket System uses a male and female bracket that interlock and screw together to form unparalleled strength. This bracket system uses aluminium extrusion for production and the average load capacity is 300lbs.

Compare this to the the current standard for floating shelves and other floating solutions. The current standard is designed with a 2-prong system. This design causes major weaknesses within the floating solution. The average load capacity is 50lbs.

Hovr brackets can be combined with our 4 hardwood options of walnut, cherry, white oak, and hard maple. 

Shop our heavy duty floating shelves.

Industrial Pipe Brackets

Industrial Pipe Brackets

We couple our pine shelves with these oh so chic industrial pipe brackets.  Couple these brackets with any length pine shelf, stained to your liking, to create a look in your space that screams 'steampunk' vibes.  These brackets are capable of holding 20 pounds for each stud you install them on.

Shop our industrial pipe 'L' brackets, and ourindustrial pipe 'straight' brackets

Wooden Dowel Rod Hidden Bracket

We create a floating wall shelf bracket out of the actual shelf.  The back 1.5" of your shelf will be separated from the front.  We then use oak dowel rods to support the res of the shelf.

The 1.5" thick shelf bracket is then installed onto your wall using the included hardware and drill bit, then slides onto the oak dowel rods and provides a seamless look.

This shelf bracket type is capable of holding 20 pounds for each stud it's installed on.

Shop our pine floating shelves.

Now that you have your bracket selected, head to our wood description page for the next step.