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Attractive Floating Shelves Above Desk Ideas

Attractive Floating Shelves Above Desk Ideas

Ben Kuhl

Floating shelves are a popular storage solution due to their versatility and
stylish nature. These fixtures make a room seem more significant by occupying
space on the wall -- instead of space on your table or wall-mounted desk.
Because they are easy to customize, floating shelves can transform a mundane
environment or give your living space an elegant/formal appearance. Additional
forms of storage, like a bookcase, are always welcome in smaller rooms.
However, whether you are decorating your home office, living room, or dining
room, floating shelving increases your storage options significantly in open wall

What Are the Best Desk Floating Shelves For Your Office Space?

Are you looking for some attractive and useful options for floating shelves for
your home office desk area? The following are what would work great from our
lineup of shelves:

Design Ideas for a Desk With Floating Shelves Above

It's okay to compromise on shelf space if you have an attic in your office at home. Floating shelves offer closed and open storage options alike. These
shelves can hold decorative items and office supply containers.
A room with oak floors that uses warm, white colors on the furniture and
walls can have an inviting ambiance.

A wooden desk would be an obvious inclusion to complement the floors. It
could be positioned to provide seating on both sides for optimum space.

Floating shelves are a godsend for small apartments where every inch of
space counts. These can be aligned with desk drawers that are beneath
them. Then, the desk can be extended to produce a work surface with a
radiused edge. This curved design can be mirrored in a vertical panel
below the desk to create a sculpted look.

Use a spare nook adjacent to a fireplace or a hall to set up a snug work
desk. Then, floating shelves can be added for storage, and a colorful chair
to provide a comfortable place to sit while using the computer. Use a desk
lamp for adequate lighting, or fit a recessed light over the workstation.

Desk organization ideas for your home office


Closet organizers hung on rolling closet racks, or the back of office doors
are a good solution if a desk has no drawers. This way, your desk will be
clear with office supplies. The closet organizer should have clear labels or
pockets to prevent things from getting lost.
If you get distracted frequently but want an attractive workstation, try
using minimalist desk decor. Candles, wood tones, and neutrals can
produce this look, and you should avoid decorating your desk. As well as
being fashionable at the moment, a minimalist design will help you to
work more efficiently.

Keep your office supplies in drawers, where possible. However, if you don't
use drawer dividers, essential items can get mixed up together quickly in a
chaotic mess. Partitions should be added to desk drawers to keep you
properly organized. Ideally, each pen, notebook, and paperclip will have its
own place.

It will be easier to work in if your home office is color coordinated. Happily,
this is a relatively inexpensive thing to do. Just buy some affordable items
for your desk and select some suitable spray paints to decorate your

How high to hang floating shelves above a desk

When fixing floating shelves to the wall, they need to be easily reachable
from your desk chair. However, they should be sufficiently high to make
room for your computer monitor, bulletin board, lamp, etc. The
recommended height is twenty-two to twenty-four inches above the desk's

This works for the majority of people. For a more customized approach,
face the wall while sitting at your desk. Then, touch the wall by reaching
forward as high as possible. Mark the wall with a pencil at this spot, then
measure the distance to this spot from the top of the desk.


Hopefully, these attractive floating shelves above desk ideas have given
you food for thought. A stylish, organized home office will make you more
productive. And floating shelves are a great way to access everything
without cluttering your workspace. As well as providing generous storage,
an effective shelving system can add a decorative touch. Including small
items will give your desk a more personalized feel and improve your
working environment.

Get started today, and you will be amazed by the difference it makes.

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