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Tips to Maximize Small Kitchen Space with Floating Shelves

White oak kitchen floating shelves

Ben Kuhl


Its time to optimize your kitchen space with floating shelves

Tight on kitchen space but big on culinary dreams? Say Hello to your new best friend, “floating shelves!” A secret ingredient to maximizing every inch of your small kitchen. Whether you are cooking a gourmet meal or just trying to keep things organized, kitchen floating shelves provide both functionality and flair to your culinary domain. So, bye-bye to mess and welcome a contemporary cooking space!

Understanding Kitchen Floating Shelves:

Picture this: sleek, minimalist shelves gracefully holding your cookware and other essentials in the air. Unlike traditional ones, kitchen floating shelves skip the need for bulky brackets, giving the impression that objects are magically hovering against the wall. But what else is special about them? The answer is, Versatility! These shelves come in a variety of materials, from rustic reclaimed wood to modern metal, guaranteeing a style to complement every kitchen aesthetic.

kitchen floating shelves

Imagine how satisfying it would be to free up previously used kitchen counter space by proudly displaying your prized pots and pans on these stylish shelves. It means, no more fumbling through messy cabinets or digging through jam-packed drawers! With kitchen floating shelves, your go-to cooking tools, spices and even cookbooks are right at your fingertips, transforming your kitchen into a practical and sophisticated space, where cooking is a breeze. The best part, at Shelf Expression, we offer all kinds of wood types to fit your kitchen decor needs!

Whether you're looking for the dark rich tones of black walnut, or the light creamy complexion of maple, we can meet your needs.

Interestingly, kitchen floating shelves aren't just practical; they're also downright chic. Gone are the days of those typical, dreary, closed-off look of traditional shelving units. Try an open, airy ambiance that breathes new life into your kitchen. Whether you're a minimalist aficionado or a maximalist maven, floating shelves are a great way to express your culinary creativity, giving you the freedom to customize as per your unique personality and style.


"Imagine how satisfying it would be to free up previously used kitchen counter space by proudly displaying your prized pots and pans on these stylish shelves."


Benefits of Floating Shelves in Small Kitchens:

Now that we've dipped our toes into the magical waters of kitchen floating shelves, let's dive deeper into their myriad benefits, shall we? Imagine yourself in your dream kitchen, creating a culinary masterpiece where every inch of counter space is valuable real estate. The unsung heroes of kitchen organization—floating shelves—are here to save the day!

The best part is that at Shelf Expression, we've partnered with Hovr Solutions!  They're revolutionizing the floating shelf world with an industry leading weight capacity.  Say goodbye to sagging kitchen floating shelves.  Our shelves can hold a staggering 150 pounds per stud!

Let’s start with its space-saving powers. In the world of compact kitchens, every inch matters and kitchen floating shelves are the perfect allies to maximize it. By installing these stylish shelves on your walls, you can efficiently reclaim valuable countertop space that would otherwise be overrun with unwieldy storage options. Get a kitchen that feels surprisingly light and spacious and bid adieu to cluttered surfaces!

Kitchen floating shelves

These beautiful kitchen floating shelves not only make great use of the counter space in your kitchen but also greatly enhance its aesthetic appeal. Imagine this: an elegantly arranged row of shining copper pots hung above rustic wooden shelves, or maybe a colorful assortment of spices set against sleek, contemporary metal. You may display your most valuable items in style and turn your kitchen into a canvas for culinary imagination with floating shelves.

"Let’s start with its space-saving powers. In the world of compact kitchens, every inch matters and kitchen floating shelves are the perfect allies to maximize it."


And let us not forget about accessibility! With typical cabinets and drawers, your most frequently used objects might easily get lost in the shuffle. However, with kitchen floating shelves, everything is at arm's reach, making meal preparation quite simple. No more reaching through messy cupboards or fumbling through overstuffed drawers; with floating shelves, your favorite cookbooks, spices, and tools are always within reach.

In a nutshell, floating shelves in tiny kitchens offer numerous advantages. From space-saving capabilities to visual appeal to improved accessibility, these gravity-defying marvels provide a fascinating blend of form and function that is sure to take your cooking experience to new heights. So why delay? Take the plunge and use kitchen floating shelves to transform your kitchen into a gourmet oasis!

Tips for Installing and Organizing Floating Shelves:

Ah, kitchen floating shelves – they may look like they're defying gravity, but rest assured, installing them is a piece of cake. Whether you are a DIY pro or a first-time homeowner, these quick tips will get your floating shelves up and running in no time.

walnut kitchen floating shelves

First things first, proper installation. Unlike typical, boring kitchen shelves the floating shelves are put straight onto the wall rather than using heavy brackets. Besides, the sleek, minimalist look is something we all look and love, right? Finding the wall studs is crucial to making sure your shelves are firmly fixed before you start randomly drilling holes in your wall. Your best friend in this situation is a stud finder, which will make it easy for you to find the wooden beams behind your drywall.

It's time to get the power tools once you've located your studs! Make sure the shelves are level and equally spaced before marking the desired location for them on the wall. Next, fasten the mounting brackets to the wall with a drill and the necessary screws, being sure to screw them straight into the studs for optimal stability. You can now have a set of kitchen floating shelves that are both robust and fashionable by just sliding your shelves onto the brackets after they are in place.

maple kitchen floating shelves

But setting up kitchen floating shelves is just the first step; the exciting part is going to be organizing them! Finding the right mix of design and function is crucial when it comes to organizing your belongings on floating shelves. Sort related goods first; for example, cookbooks, spices, and utensils; then, arrange them in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Try out several arrangements until you discover one that suits you, and remember that when it comes to shelf styling, less is frequently more.

And don't be scared to use your imagination! Whether you're adding a flash of color with bright kitchen decorations or adding real plants for a touch of greenery, kitchen floating shelves offer countless customizing options. When it comes to setting up your kitchen floating shelves, the possibilities are endless. Use your creativity to design a room that is as distinct as you are!


"But setting up kitchen floating shelves is just the first step; the exciting part is going to be organizing them!"


DIY Projects and Customization With Kitchen Floating Shelves:

Now that we've covered the fundamentals of kitchen floating shelves, it's time to get creative! Whether you're an experienced DIYer or a beginner, there's a floating shelf project for you. The choices for DIY floating shelves are boundless, ranging from simple, low-cost designs to more intricate adaptations.

Personalize It

With a little innovation and elbow grease, you can level up your floating shelf game with personalized patterns and finishes. And don't be afraid to think beyond the box: kitchen floating shelves aren't simply for storing culinary supplies! Get creative with your designs and include built-in features such as wine racks, spice racks, or even hidden storage compartments to increase functionality.

walnut kitchen floating shelves

Outsource It

Of course, DIY projects are not for everyone, and that's fine! If you'd prefer to leave the heavy lifting to the experts, there are numerous pre-made floating-shelf solutions available for purchase. From sleek, modern designs to rustic, farmhouse-inspired fashions, there are kitchen floating shelves for every taste and budget. Simply measure your space, select your preferred style, and let the specialists handle the rest; it's that simple!

Incorporating personal touches:

Now that your kitchen floating shelves are up and everything is in its place, it’s time to add final touches to give your kitchen a cozy and homey feel. If you are a fan of minimalism or bold vibes kitchen floating shelves provide endless opportunities to add a personal touch. When it comes to styling and décor, versatility truly shines.

Start by collecting a bunch of items that speak to your personality and interests. It could be vintage cookware handed down by the ancestors, quirky knick-knacks picked up on your travels or adorable family photos. These little touch-ups will give your kitchen a character and warm vibe. The next step is to place these items thoughtfully by mixing and matching different colors, shapes and textures to create a cool, eye-grabbing display and a story.

But don't stop there – why not jazz up things with some live greenery? Adding plants to your kitchen floating shelves will not only add a pop of colors and freshness to this corner but also work wonders to purify the air fostering a serene atmosphere. You can add a mix of herbs, succulents and trailing vines for a funky and lively vibe to impress.

kitchen floating shelves

Last but not least, the power of lighting! Whether you go for a string of twinkling fairy lights, a sleek pendant fixture, or a chic vibe of wall sconces, lightning can take the game of these kitchen floating shelves to the next level. Keep in mind, that lighting is all about setting the mood. So, experiment with different lighting styles until you find the magical combination of ambiance and functionality, and watch as your kitchen shelves truly come to life!

To wrap it up

And voilà, our complete guide on the mesmerizing world of kitchen floating shelves comes to an end. From space-saving, visual appeal to endless customization options, no doubt, kitchen floating shelves are a must-have to make your cozy cooking area spacious and warm.


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