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12 Reasons Why Kitchen Floating Shelves Are A Must Have

walnut kitchen floating shelves

Ben Kuhl

A dozen reasons you should try floating shelves in the kitchen

Floating shelves are a big part of a lot of newer kitchens and for a lot of great reasons. They let you show off your favorite pieces and display things exactly as you want them to be displayed. They make it so that everyone knows where everything is in the kitchen immediately, leading to a lot less confusion. They also add a nicely organized feeling to the space.  

We’ve compiled some of the biggest reasons we’ve been given for why our customers have taken the plunge with our custom-made wood shelves. Here’s what they have had to say:

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#1 Floating shelves allow for a constantly evolving space

Do you want to display different things in the kitchen according to the season, your mood, or the kind of cooking you’ve been doing a lot of lately? Floating shelves make it easy. Just switch out what you have displayed on the shelves, and your kitchen can go from a light and airy summer experience to a warm winter wonderland in a blink of an eye.

Kitchen floating shelves

Even something as simple as switching out displaying the perfect lemonade pitcher and tall glasses and replacing them with earth-toned mugs and a kettle on maple floating shelves will change the entire look and feel of a kitchen without a major investment or getting out the power tools. 

Those seasonal changes are about more than just aesthetics. From a practical standpoint, it makes sense to have the items you will be using more frequently available at the time of year that you will be using them. It’s not a bad idea to give those picture-perfect coffee mugs center stage in the winter. 

Floating shelves in the kitchen are a perfect combination of functionality, convenience, and visual appeal. 


"Floating shelves make it easy. Just switch out what you have displayed on the shelves, and your kitchen can go from a light and airy summer experience to a warm winter wonderland in a blink of an eye."


#2 Guests don’t have to rummage through cabinets

When guests are over, they’ll be able to spot glasses and other items they may need instantly. There won’t be any of the randomly searching through cabinets that we are all familiar with. It also means less time spent going out of your way to show everyone where they can find things. 

Make guests feel instantly at home by having everything they need displayed and easy to locate. 

kitchen floating shelves

This can also help with the health and wellbeing of elderly family members and those with memory loss by helping them to feel less disoriented and more independent in the kitchen. 

#3 Floating shelves can be mixed and matched 

You don’t have to change out all your cabinets and replace them with shelves to get the benefits of floating shelves. In fact, in many cases, it doesn’t even make sense to do so. Floating shelves can add to the look of a space. They don’t necessarily need to become the only thing in that space. 

kitchen floating shelves

A closed cabinets and floating shelves combination is the ultimate solution for organizing a kitchen while displaying the exact things that you want to display and putting away the rest out of sight. Show off what you want to show off and hide clutter away simultaneously. 

It’s the best of both worlds. 

Consider placing handmade wooden shelves on an opposite-facing wall from your primary cooking area. Or place them around the stove to add visual emphasis and ease of use in that area. Remember that due to how they are installed, these shelves can fit pretty much wherever you have room. Floating shelves can fill a lot of unique and often overlooked spaces, which brings us to the next reason people tend to fall in love with them:

#4 Floating shelves can fill any space, even the ones you never thought of

Custom handmade wooden shelves can be built to fit into smaller spaces, longer spaces, high spaces, low spaces, oddly shaped spaces, and anything in between. If there’s a space on the wall, they can fit into it and serve a functional purpose there. Floating shelves can be installed in the space above doors, in corners, or in the small empty areas that generally go unused in a kitchen. Really make the most out of the wall space in your kitchen. 

kitchen floating shelves

The possibilities are endless. 


"Custom handmade wooden shelves can be built to fit into smaller spaces, longer spaces, high spaces, low spaces, oddly shaped spaces, and anything in between."


#5 It’s something you can dabble in first

If the idea of having everything out in the open is a little daunting, there are ways that you can test to see how the look will work out in your kitchen before you make an actual investment in those perfect maple floating shelves with industrial brackets that you’ve had your eye on. 

It will also give you the opportunity to experience what day-to-day life is like with open shelving before you take that plunge. Discover if it works for you. Many people we have spoken with have found that it helps them feel more organized and doesn’t take the extra effort that they were concerned it might. 

To get an idea of what open shelves will look like within the space, consider temporarily removing the doors from the front of the cabinets in your kitchen. It’s not quite the real thing, but it will help to give you a sense of what it will be like to have their contents become a part of the visual space in your kitchen. It’s also a relatively easy task and tends to only require a screwdriver and a few minutes of time for each door. 

Just don’t do this with the junk drawer… Every kitchen needs to have at least one sacred (and very hidden) space. 


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#6 They can be a work of art all on their own

You’re not confined to only having predictable rows of shelving when it comes to floating shelves. You can have longer cherry floating shelves, shorter white oak shelves, shallow shelves, and shelves with more depth, depending on what you require. There are an unlimited number of combinations and floating shelf options to play with. Even the placement doesn’t need to be uniform. Scatter them across a wall in any way you would like to create a uniquely appealing look that can’t be easily replicated. 

#7 They are a perfect pantry solution

When you can see what you have, you know what you have! This means less food waste, less time spent buying things you already had but couldn’t find, and a less complicated cooking experience. Keep food on custom floating shelves to access everything with ease and always know exactly what ingredients are available for your next feast. It makes life less complicated and can lead to some exceptional meals. 

kitchen floating shelves

#8 The budget-friendly option 

Unlike cabinets, floating shelves are much less likely to break the budget. Floating wooden shelves are an affordable addition to a kitchen that requires more space to store items. Floating shelves can offer a lot of possibilities without needing to take up an entire wall or demand a remodeling plan. They can also be used sparingly to break up an empty space and add character to a kitchen. Even just one perfectly positioned walnut floating shelf can turn a sterile kitchen into a classy cooking space.

They are a perfect combination of affordability, versatility, and utility. 

#9 Floating shelves can let you show off collections and cherished items

If you went out of your way to find the ideal salt and pepper shaker to go with that vintage glassware you searched for an eternity to find, why would you want any of that tucked away out of sight? Display your style, matching pieces, accent pieces, and everything that adds to the look and design of your kitchen. 

Let those items take center stage. 

kitchen floating shelves

This is your opportunity to show off the things that you knew would go perfectly in the kitchen from the moment you saw them. Why not have them flawlessly situated on hidden bracket or pipe bracket shelves?

#10 Cleaning is easier

Who really cleans the back of cabinets that frequently? Let’s be honest. It’s a pain to get back there, there are too many surfaces to deal with, and many of us procrastinate on it or just plain forget. Custom-made wood shelves make it much easier to reach the back and wipe down surfaces, keeping dust and dirt at bay. In a kitchen, that level of cleanliness is crucial. 

#11 They can be the perfect incentive to stay organized

Do you need a little push when it comes to keeping everything tidy and organized in the kitchen? Not only will those perfectly placed cherry floating shelves give you easy access to the necessary shelf space, but the visual reminder they provide also works as an incentive and inspiration for making sure that everything goes where it should be. 


"Who really cleans the back of cabinets that frequently? Let’s be honest. It’s a pain to get back there, there are too many surfaces to deal with, and many of us procrastinate on it or just plain forget."


It’s easier to stay organized when each thing on the shelf really adds to the look of the perfect kitchen. Having plates, cutlery, and other kitchen necessities on display on handmade wooden shelving adds value and emphasis to each item. 

Instead of the chore of putting things away, it becomes an opportunity to place things where they create a visual experience. Physically, it’s the same exact task, but somehow it becomes one that we actually want to do when the right shelving is there. 

#12 They can add a sense of style while still being useful

Shelves are absolutely necessary for a kitchen. Not everything will (or should) fit on the countertops, and we definitely don’t want to stack it on the floor or take over a table where people need to eat. Why not bring a unique element into the space with pipe bracket shelves or other shelving that adds a striking look while bringing functionality into the room? Industrial brackets are stunning in some kitchens and really add to the aesthetic. 

Want to go with something a little less striking? Hidden brackets are always a great option with custom floating shelves. Let your kitchen and the contents speak for themselves, and always have your style fill the spotlight.  

The sky (or in this case, the kitchen ceiling) is the limit. Consider what wall space you have available, where you would like things to be for accessibility, and how you would like items displayed in your kitchen. Then, take the plunge into an organized and open shelving kitchen that looks beautiful and has everything within reach. 

kitchen floating shelves

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