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Using Floating Closet Shelves To Upgrade Your Closet

Dinnerware floating shelves

Ben Kuhl

Everyone wants a closet that keeps their clothing, shoes, and accessories organized and conveniently accessible. However, many bedroom closets need more space or shelving to achieve these goals. Even a walk-in closet needs the right fixtures to give the homeowner everything they want in one area.

Standard walk-in closet designs offer racks to hang clothes at varying heights and widths. Still, modern homeowners need shelves to organize jeans, sweaters, and other items they fold up instead of hanging.

"Still, modern homeowners need shelves to organize jeans, sweaters, and other items they fold up instead of hanging."

Equally, they want their shoes to be displayed so the owner can choose the pair they want for the day without searching for hours. using floating closet shelves to upgrade your closet helps create well-organized storage options throughout the home.

Creating A Custom Closet Space With Floating Shelves

With floating shelves, you determine the height and width between each shelf, and you get a creative license where you can create a custom closet design. The shelves fit within corners, stretch across any wall, or are staggered to make a unique shape or pattern.

When approaching the design, consider what you'll put on each floating wood shelf. Making stacks of jeans, sweaters, or scarves lets you get a height and width estimate for your shelves. For example, you could set up a floating shelf and place stacks of five pairs of jeans if you position the shelves at lower heights.

You can get the measurements for a folded sweater or a pair of jeans to determine the width of the shelf's surface. You'll want enough surface space to place the clothing on the shelf without the item hanging over the edge. Once you have all the measurements, you know what shelf sizes to purchase and how far apart to install each shelf to accommodate your clothing.

Floating shelves are terrific choices for displaying handbags and hats. The installations let you set the items in any direction according to how many you have and their size. In addition, adding bins to floating shelves gives you a space to store other accessories, such as belts. The containers fit easily on floating shelves and stay in place.

Shoe Shelves

Using floating closet shelves to upgrade your closet gives you more freedom when displaying and organizing your shoes. Prebuilt shoe shelves only accommodate some shoes. For example, you'll have boots and high heels that won't fit in a standard shoe rack, and with floating shelves, you adjust the height and weight according to your current shoe collection.

Couples avoid overcrowded closets if they use floating shelves instead of standard racks. As a result, they both have enough space for their shoes based on what they have without the frustration of running out of room. In addition, setting out your shoe collection and getting an accurate count of alternating heights and widths makes it easier to shop for floating shelves for the closet.

"In addition, setting out your shoe collection and getting an accurate count of alternating heights and widths makes it easier to shop for floating shelves for the closet."

Bathroom Linen Closets

A well-organized linen closet makes life easier for everyone. Floating shelves are terrific for storing sheets, pillowcases, and towels; families can place these items on the shelves directly. In addition, when organizing the linen closet, you can use totes and baskets for toiletries for each family member.

Improving closet organization makes it easier for families that share a bathroom. And a linen closet inside the primary bathroom is an excellent choice for storing backstock items for the living space. Taking out the current bathroom shelving and replacing it with floating shelves lets you create balance and get the surface space you need.

Hall Closets

A hall closet is ideal for storing items you'll need when out-of-town relatives visit. For example, you have extra blankets and pillows you pass out to relatives or visitors who sleep in guest rooms or on the sofa. With floating shelves, you can space the shelving out and maintain the shape and size of the pillows.

"With floating shelves, you can space the shelving out and maintain the shape and size of the pillows."

Hall closets are also used to store household items such as vacuum cleaners, umbrellas, and other necessary products. You can add floating shelves and adjust the height of the shelves to fit more oversized items in a closet without causing disorder.

How Floating Shelves Will Keep Your Closet Space Organized

Floating shelves are terrific for folded clothing, accessories, and household items. Closets in any living space must give you adequate storage space for the home, and how you install shelves determines how much room you have. Spacing the floating shelves out gives you more surface space between each rack.

Bins, containers, and totes fit nicely on the shelves, and placing items in these stylish storage products helps you organize items you don't use often. For example, a storage closet used for decorations, seasonal clothing, or overstock is a perfect space to add floating shelves. You can space them out according to the size of the containers and test the shelving before you install it permanently.

Closets you use daily are easier to organize if you measure the preferred height and width according to what you want to store on the shelves. Instead of using the existing design, floating shelves allow you to revamp the closet based on what your family needs. Upgrading the closets and removing outdated shelving lets you follow new concepts that make closets more convenient and find what you need fast. In addition, you can customize each closet based on what you put in it.

Creating improved closets in the home keeps your family organized. New and modern designs with floating shelves let you choose the height and weight of fixtures in your closets. For example, you can recreate your bedroom walk-in closet and add bedroom floating shelves instead of using only racks. These shelves allow you to create more storage for all clothing items instead of hanging up everything.

For instance, sweaters and jeans fold easily, and you can place them on shelves instead of hanging them. Likewise, expanding space in your closet is easier if you reorganize it with shelving. These practices are terrific for organizing and displaying designer shoes and handbags.


You transform a linen closet with floating shelves because you control the space between them and how wide they extend outward. As a result, the products are better than prebuilt closet fixtures with limited space. Using floating closet shelves to upgrade your closet allows you to create custom designs that fit your lifestyle.

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