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Apartment Friendly Floating Shelves

apartment friendly floating shelves

Ben Kuhl

Pleasing to the eye, highly functional, and extremely versatile, floating shelves work great in many places. However, they are all the more valuable where space is at a premium, for example, in apartments.

An ideal storage and display solution, ingenious floating shelving can be used in all rooms of your apartment for aesthetic purposes as well as to save space.

Also, the wide range of materials, styles, and colors means that you'll always find tastefully designed floating shelves to match the décor of your different rooms.

Finally, specially designed apartment-friendly floating shelves make for a renter-friendly solution thanks to their easy installation. People renting an apartment will never require a severe structural change to install a floating shelf


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Apartment Floating Shelving Ideas

Floating shelves are convenient to use in bathrooms and kitchens. With floating shelves, you can store all your necessary wares in these spaces clutter-free.

For example, you can obtain a cabinet's worth of storage space with slightly larger (or longer) three-tier floating shelves. It is also a good idea to install smaller floating shelves for displaying your attractive kitchenware. Again, you can use longer one-piece floating shelves instead of a coffee bar or an organized space for your spices and condiments.

In your bedroom, consider installing a nightstand floating shelf to save space. Similarly, in your living room, you can do away with your bulky bookcase and use attractive, tiered floating shelves to keep your books and other smaller items.

The fact is that floating shelves are a hot trend these days. So, do a little research on the internet, giving you a chock-full of ideas for decorating your apartment with floating shelves.

Can You Install Floating Shelves In An Apartment?

This question will mainly come from people living in apartment rentals. Well, they can rest easy knowing that a large variety of floating shelves come with an easy installation process and can be put in place with small screw holes.

Often, these shelves are attached to the wall with special brackets that help distribute the weight and keep the shelves firmly secured. (NOTE: One important thing about floating shelves is that you should always check the weight capacity of a particular product and make your buying decisions accordingly.)

However, there are also floating shelves (such as stud-mounted shelves) that may require boring larger holes through the walls for drywall anchors, screws, etc. In such cases, you must always notify your landlord before proceeding with the installation.


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Advantages Of Floating Shelves In An Apartment

The most significant advantage is, of course, that you add to save tons of space by cleverly using floating shelves all around your apartment.

For example, we love the idea of installing wall bar floating shelves, especially if you lack the funds or space for a standard corner bar. This is to cite one example.

If you love indoor plants, you can place one or more of them atop many floating shelves around your apartment (the hanging varieties look especially good on floating shelves and add to the beauty of your apartment.)

Apart from their functional usefulness, floating shelves blend seamlessly with the new age décor of most modern apartments. Any time you doubt whether a traditional storing unit will suit the décor of a particular space, you can easily opt for a sturdy floating shelf in its place.

How To Hang Floating Shelves In An Apartment

Our floating shelves are easy to install and have all the materials you need to complete them. So, all you need to do to install them  is to stick a level on the wall, secure the mounting bracket across the length of the shelf, and then slide the shelf onto the bracket.

You'll require a little more work for stud mounted or drywall anchored floating shelves. All the same, they are still very much within the DIY range.

To Wrap It Up

Floating shelves are great for apartments for both functional and aesthetic purposes. This is especially true for smaller flats such as studio apartments and the like, although floating shelves will work equally well for more extensive and spacious apartment units. They are easy to install, renter-friendly, and serve a wide array of purposes.

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